The story behind: Mágico

Yes, you read it correctly, I am writing another background story. You know what that means, right? Another experiment succeeded! From that experiment a new design is born: Mágico.


I was inspired for Mágico after I started again with a hobby of mine; kizomba dancing. This spring I picked it up again after a break of a few months. I have been enjoying it to the fullest since then. During a dance party I remembered why I am so fascinated by dancing.

Part of it is the connection between dance partners. Connection is about communication. Not only sending signals, but especially listening to each other’s signals. By being receptive to and focusing on the leader’s signals the follower knows which movements the leader wants them to make. Vice versa, good leaders pay attention to how the follower reacts to their signals and adjust their communication accordingly. The better the leader and follower are attuned to each other, the better they can move as one. Because every leader communicates in a slightly different way and every follower reacts differently, building a good connection in every dance stays interesting. The video below gives an impression of what I am talking about. These dancers have great connection:



Connection is beautiful, but a dance really shines when both dancers listen carefully to the music and move to its subtleties and the emotions that are expressed in it, in such a way that they embody the music. What I mean with that? I think the video of the dancers below shows that clearly.



When two dancers move as one with the music, it feels like magic is happening…

Mágico represents exactly this feeling. On a night a while ago I experienced a little bit of this magic again. The next morning, I was able to turn this experience into a sketch for a piece of jewellery. After a lot of trial and error (read: a lot of frogging) I have managed to turn this image into a beaded version.

Do you also want to create a bit of magic?

In that case you will need to practice your patience for a while… I am working on the pattern now, but it can take a while before it is also tested and ready for use. This should be worth it though, as I want to create the best experience I can for you.

In the meantime...

You do not have to know how to dance to appreciate kizomba. The music is great to just listen to. Have I made you curious? Try this Spotify playlist. It is currently my favorite kizomba playlist. I listen to it at home or in the car on my way to a dance party. 

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