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Last updated: May 28, 2018


Article 1 - Definitions

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

  1. Withdrawal period: the term within the consumer can use their right of withdrawal;
  2. Consumer: the natural person who does not act on behalf of purposes related to trading, business, craft or professional activities;
  3. Day: calendar day;
  4. Digital content: content that is produced and delivered in digital form;
  5. Entrepeneur: the natural or legal person who offers products, (access to) digital content and/or services remotely to consumers;
  6. Distance contract: a contract concluded between the entrepeneur and the consumer under an organised distance sales or service-provision scheme without the simultaneous physical presence of the entrepeneur and the consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the time at which the contract is concluded;
  7. Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to renounce the distance contract within the withdrawal period;
  8. Means of distance communication: means that can be used to conclude an agreement, without the simultaneous physical presence of the entrepeneur and the consumer.


Article 2 – The entrepeneur’s identity


Article 3 Applicability

These terms and conditions will take effect on May 28, 2018 and are applicable to all offers and orders of products consisting of digital content that are offered for sale on www.evelienslab.com. Using an offer or placing an order through Eveliens Lab’s webshop implies that you accept these terms and conditions.


Article 4 – Pricing

All prices are shown in EUR (Euros), including VAT, excluding delivery costs (where applicable), and excluding any additional costs due to the chosen payment method (where applicable).  


Article 5 – Payment

  1. Payments can only be made through the payment methods that are offered on the website (www.evelienslab.com).
  2. If the amount due for a placed order for products consisting of digital content is not payed after 30 days, the agreement will automatically expire.
  3. The consumer has the duty to report any inaccuracies in provided or stated payment information to the entrepreneur.


Article 6 – Terms of delivery

  1. After Eveliens Lab has received the amount due by the consumer, the ordered products consisting of digital content will be offered as a download.
  2. Products consisting of digital content will exclusively be offered digitally (as a PDF file). PDF files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (which can be downloaded at https://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/).
  3. After payment has been completed, the consumer will receive an email with a payment confirmation. This email contains a link from which the product with digital content can be downloaded.
  4. If the consumer has made an account at www.evelienslab.com, they can download all digital products that have been ordered in the period in which the account exists through the tab ‘My downloadable products’.


Article 7 – Right of withdrawal

The consumer has no right of withdrawal in a service or sales contract for the supply of digital content that has not been supplied on a tangible medium, under the condition that compliance has begun with the consumer's express prior consent and the consumer has declared that they thereby waive their right of withdrawal.


Article 8 – Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, I would like to find a solution with you. You can contact me through the contact page or on my email address: evelien@evelienslab.com. I will contact you as soon as possible, but at least within a week.


Article 9 – Copyright

Nothing from this website (images, texts, illustrations, etc.) may be reproduced or shared without prior express personal written consent from Eveliens Lab.


Article 10 – Intellectual property

  1. The products consisting of digital content that are sold at www.evelienslab.com are Eveliens Lab's intellectual property.
  2. The products mentioned in paragraph 1 are only meant for private use. These products or parts of them may not be copied, borrowed, shared or distributed.
  3. The products mentioned in paragraph 1 may not be used for commercial purposes. These products or parts of them may not be resold or used in workshops or courses without prior express personal written permission from Eveliens Lab.
  4. Objects made based on the products mentioned in paragraph 1 may be sold on the condition that no commercial mass production is involved, and that Eveliens Lab is credited as the designer.
  5. Pictures of objects made based on the products mentioned in paragraph 1 may be shared on social media, on the condition that Eveliens Lab is credited as the designer.


Article 11 – Applicable law

Contracts between the entrepreneur and the consumer to which these general terms and conditions apply are governed exclusively by Dutch law.


Article 12 - Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy on the following page:  Privacy Policy